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Welcome to Rio!

For those who are coming to Rio for the WorldCup, Caipirinha will prepare a selection of the best tips and spots in the "Wonderful City", where the final match will be played.

So, what can we say for now? Be prepared for an ncomparable natural beauty and the Cariocas, local people known for their extreme friendliness and laid back lifestyle, that will definitely make your football experience truly unforgettable.  Joie de vivre is pretty contagious here, so why don’t you go with a flow, drink mate leão and Caipirinha to cool yourself down and join the fun on the street and the stadium?



Caipirinha team will guide you to experience stunning views of Rio and Guanabara Bay that can not be seen only from the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. In addition, we will select a wide range of bars, restaurants, entertainment options, transportation and safety tips, and everything you need to know to have a wonderful stay!

See you in the next post: Where and what to eat in Rio